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Accredited insurance companies

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We work with everyone

Abdi Waluyo accept wide range of insurance companies.

We ensure you can focus on your healthcare with your preferred insurance.

  • AA International
  • ABDA Insurance
  • ACA Insurance
  • ADIRA Insurance
  • AIA Insurance
  • ASKES Cabang Khusus
  • Asuransi Dayin Mitra
  • Asuransi Sinarmas
  • AVRIST Insurance
  • AXA Financial
  • BNI Life
  • Bringin Life Insurance
  • Bumiputera Insurance
  • Busowa Periskop Insurance
  • Citra International Underwriter Insurance
  • Commonwealth Insurance
  • Cynergy Care
  • Generali Indonesia Insurance
  • GESA Assistance
  • International SOS
  • Jasindo Health Care
  • Jaya Proteksi Insurance
  • Manulife Insurance
  • Mitra Maparya Insurance
  • MNC Life
  • Pacific Cross
  • Pan Pacific Insurance
  • Pearl Medic
  • Prestige International
  • Prudential Insurance
  • PT Abadi Smilynks
  • PT Admedika Administrasi
  • PT Asuransi Astra Buana
  • PT Asuransi Jiwa Tugu Mandiri
  • PT Asuransi Jiwasraya
  • PT Asuransi Sinar MSIG Indonesia
  • PT Asuransi Umum Mega
  • PT Global Medilum
  • PT Asuransi Aviva Indonesia
  • PT Asuransi Sinar Mas
  • PT Equity Life Indonesia
  • PT AJ Central Asia Raya
  • PT Asuransi Allianz Life (ADMEDIKA)
  • PT Asuransi Jiwa Megalife
  • PT Inhealth
  • PT Insan Dharma/Blue Dot ASS
  • PT Lippo General Insurance
  • Reliance
  • Sequis Life Insurance
  • Takaful ASS
  • Tugu Mandiri
  • Wana Artha Insurance
  • Zakirah Health Care

  • Medical Specialties
  • 24 Hour Services
  • Accommodation
  • Accredited insurance companies
  • Another pride of Rumah Sakit Waluyo is our zero-risk radiation to exposure magnetic resonance imaging machine, the GE MRI 3 Tesla. It reflects our continuing commitment to apply state-of-the-art technology in a way that meaningfully improves care for our patients.


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