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RS Abdi Waluyo is one with you in this unprecedented time. To help you stay #SafeAtHome and keep you connected with us in maintaining your good health, we are offering online video consultation with our Doctors. Please use this form below to find your Doctor

How it works?

Use Online Video Consultation to ask your Doctors to ask about your health symptoms, conditions or treatment

  • Fill-out the form below
  • Our  staff will contact you via phone/wa/email to confirm your schedule and provide technical and payment instruction.
  • Proof of payment can be submitted via this  payment confirmation form or via WA to our hotline 08138488158
  • Write down a list of your concerns to prepare for your consultation
  • Prepare for your consultation at least ten minutes prior to your scheduled consultation.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active and your laptop/computer/tablet/handphone has sufficient battery for the duration of e-Consultation (TeleMed)


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