DRIVE-THRU Covid 19 Rapid Test and PCR Test

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You can have COVID-19 Testing by Rapid Test or PCR Tests safely at the comforts of your vehicle.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm in Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.16, Menteng (across RS Abdi Waluyo). To schedule your test, please fill in the form below.

COVID-19 Testing may be important in getting back for work to decrease the risk of workplace infection. RS Abdi Waluyo offers TWO COVID-19 TEST OPTIONS for companies:


Rapid test is a screening method to determine the presence of antibodies when someone is infected with Corona virus. This test detects both types of antibodies that mark the initial infection and the final infection, namely IgM / IgG antibodies


PCR or polymerase chain reaction is a laboratory examination to diagnose COVID-19 by detecting the genetic material of the Corona virus . The genetic material in each cell can be DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid ) or RNA ( ribonucleic acid ).

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