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Nerv System Schedule

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Syaraf (Nerv)

1Prof. dr. H Jusuf Misbach, Sp.S(K), FAAN17:00-finish17:00-finish17.00-finishby appt
2Prof. dr. Teguh A S Ranakusuma, Sp.S(K)13:00-finish14:00-finish13:00-finish14:00-finish13:00-finishby appt
3dr. Puko visaPrawiroharjo, Sp.S
4dr. Salim Harris, Sp.S(K), FICA17.00-finish17.00-finish17.00-finish17.00-finish17.00-finishby appt
5dr. Musaka Rachmat, Sp.S11.00-12:0011.00-12:0111.00-12:0211.00-12:0311.00-12:04
6dr. Freddy Sitorus, Sp.S(K)16:00-finish / by appt16:00-finish / by appt

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  • At R.S Abdi Waluyo Heart Center, advanced technology and medical expertise come together to provide patients with a comprehensive program for advanced treatment of heart disease and vascular disorders, available in one convenient location.


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