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Executive Check-Up Program

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Take Care

It’s not just words you say to someone you love.

You owe it to yourself….

Get a Medical Check-Up now!

At R.S Abdi Waluyo, we care for your health. Our Medical Check-Up team is committed to providing you with high quality service, compassionate care and modern amenities. We will let you understand your risk factors and how to prevent the leading causes of death such as heart disease, stroke and cancers. The good news is these are absolutely treatable when detected early through our executive medical check-up. The earlier a disorder is spotted and treated, the better chances of success in treating it.

Our goal is to maintain your good health and well being.

  1. Physical examination by Internal Medicine Specialist/ Cardiologist
  2. Examination by ENT specialist + Audiometry
  3. Ophthalmologist examination (Visual, refraction, tonometry, color blindness test)
  4. Dental examination
  5. Neurological examination
  6. Chest X-Ray
  7. Laboratory :
    1. Hematology examination Blood test (Hb, WBC, RBC, ESR, white blood differential count Thrombocytes, Hematocrit )
    2. Urinalysis
    3. Blood chemistry examination :
      1. Liver function :
        • Total Protein (Albumin/ Globulin)
        • Total Bilirubin (Direct/ Indirect)
        • AST
        • ALT
        • Gamma GT
      2. Phosphate Alkali Kidney Function Analysis :
        • Ureum
        • Creatinine
        • Uric Acid
      3. Heart Function Analysis :
        • CPK
        • LDH
      4. Lipid Profile Analysis :
        • Total Cholesterol
        • HDL/ LDL Cholesterol
        • Triglycerides
      5. Blood Sugar Analysis :
        • Fasting Blood Sugar
        • Post Prandial (2 after meal)
    4. Serology : VDRL
    5. Imunology : HBs AG and Anti HBS Ag
  8. Papsmear for women
  9. Treadmill Test
  10. USG Abdomen


Prevention is the key!

For further information

Contact Us: (021) 3144989 or (021) 3140524; 3146621 ; Fax: (021) 31930866
Location: Jl HOS Coakroaminoto 31-33, Menteng Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia

  • Executive Check-Up Program
  • Women’s Wellness Check Up Program
  • Whole Body Check-Up Package
  • Brain and Heart Attack Prevention Package
  • Cardiovascular Care Package
  • RSAW’s Brain Center treats disorders of the nervous system. This includes diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles such as strokes, epilepsy (seizures), headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and various forms of pain.


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