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When it comes to accommodations, R.S Abdi Waluyo cares for every patient’s comfort, convenience, and freedom of choice. From the most basic rooms to fully-furnished rooms, all patient accommodations are provided with the best available equipment in its class. R.S Abdi Waluyo believes that comfort and a positive experience are vital in the quest for health and recovery.

A range of accommodations to suit different needs and budgets are available. More affordably-priced semi-private rooms and wards are also with choices. To R.S Abdi Waluyo, what is essential is an uncompromising standard of excellent service at any level.

  • Medical Specialties
  • 24 Hour Services
  • Accommodation
  • Accredited insurance companies
  • Another pride of Rumah Sakit Waluyo is our zero-risk radiation to exposure magnetic resonance imaging machine, the GE MRI 3 Tesla. It reflects our continuing commitment to apply state-of-the-art technology in a way that meaningfully improves care for our patients.


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